Doctor Strange Multiverse Of The Madness

There's an old saying that if you love something don't let it go, but if you hate it you can let it stay. And I'm sure if you're a fan of superhero films and Marvel comics you are probably going to fall in love with the multiverse on this one too! When most people think about the multiverse they think of a whole new universe full of random characters and villains who have no real purpose, so why not a whole different story starring some pretty famous superheroes. But when we learn more about some familiar names the multiverse gets even better! We also get the chance to see how far the supernatural world will push the boundaries and find out more about certain aspects like how strange is Spider-Man.

The Avengers

The Avengers, much like the Avengers of DC Comics started as part of the Justice League back in 1960, was founded by Steve Rogers, James Rhodes, Peter Parker(Captain America), and Tony Stark (Iron Man) to protect New York while protecting their loved ones. Now since its inception, the Avengers has grown in size, joined forces, and become well known for having a team so large you could say that it stands out from the crowd. It's all about the mission, the people that make up our family, a place where we can relax for a while and come together to do what we need to do, to keep each other safe and look after each other. This particular Avenger team is led by Iron Man in his time of war, he believes in standing your ground and always being there for those struggling with their mental. As for Captain America, he wants to help prevent harm to others and take care of justice in all communities. He feels like he should be doing more than just defending New York, the way he sees things needs to change in this modern age. His goal is to create peace and happiness for everyone, not only for himself. That is why every single Avenger had a different personality when it came down to the heroes and villains. Some were more flirty or playful, others were angry or sarcastic and there was quite a bit of uncertainty along the edge of the character. Most were always friendly to someone, whether it was the Hulk, Thor, or Thanos. They all had a deep connection to the city and would always want to make it home, just in case this was coming.

The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is also considered another Avengers team, and since their founding in 1961, they have been helping the world to thrive in ways they never thought possible. Their main focus was getting rid of crime, crime, and corruption throughout the globe. By helping out all the various government agencies, police, firefighters, and many people in need with jobs they would help them fight against things like racism, sexism or homophobia, and many other social issues. The Fantastic Four as a group is extremely diverse, each member has different abilities. Because of this many members were put into exile or forced to join the X-Men before they could grow tired of trying to hide their differences. But these two teams of superheroes are stronger than ever before, if you look at it from any perspective it becomes this brotherhood. You see the relationship between Steve and Kevin Bacon, their dynamic gets stronger than anything we've seen in other Marvel movies and Marvel comics. Another great example is Spider-Man's friendship with Deadpool and Miles Morales. Both of these characters have unique superpowers which make them even stronger because they both tend to try to help other people but end up hurting themselves. They are also quite similar which makes the relationship among them stronger because they each have a very strong sense of humor. They are always willing to lend their skills to help other people and make this planet a better place to live. When a person isn't exactly their normal self but there's a way for them to use it they'll do so. Each of the four members has a very distinct personality depending on who they see, maybe a little more outgoing or less outgoing but each has their style that they know to work with. Like how Tom Holland is Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield is Green Goblin and Anthony Mackie is Dr. Strange. Maybe we can expect more amazing stories coming out of the MCU this year and hope to see some more interesting things coming in the future. Who knows what stories may happen...

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is my favorite Marvel villain since Spider-Man has such a big following so it's almost crazy for me to consider Doctor Strange as being a villain of any kind. He's more focused on the occult world and healing rather than fighting crime. What most fans don't appreciate how dangerous he is because when we learned his magic he got sick the moment the sun hit and made him feel weird and sick, this caused major altercations and So many times he was seen lying unconscious, this only added to his already serious nature when the sun hit his body and it took over his mind. He usually does work with other evil entities or even the dead, but I guess it wouldn't be hard for him to bring them here on earth to finish a job here. If he wasn't able to do so I don't see why he wouldn't be a powerful foe. He's a genius at making people believe that he can just fly around the world and control everything, but in reality, he's got a lot of power. I've always wanted to understand how he managed to become what he is now, maybe he did all those tricks or tried to kill one specific person. Or maybe the powers were given to him by his mother who was killed by the God she believed in. But whatever it was, I'm glad I finally watched this movie and had the opportunity to check it out. While I'll continue reading Marvel comics and understanding their origin stories if they do show up in the next Avengers film then I will support the writers, not only because I was excited about a new hero team but also because the villains look so Good. Not to mention how good the action is, the fight scenes, and the chemistry between the actors. Everything about this flick is perfect, especially when it comes to action scenes and visual effects. With some fantastic performances by Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Gary Oldman, Angelina Jolie, and Jeremy Renner a lot of the comedic elements are also present in the movie and that's what makes it so exciting for me. Every member of the roster is given a spot where they can shine and show off their talents, the same goes for the antagonists. Even though they are both very different it seems like their characters share qualities that allow them to get more comfortable with their surroundings and to be around other people. For example, Spider-Man is the antihero of the film, he's always happy and friendly with everyone else but the downside is he is the timidest of all the superheroes he's mostly hiding his pain from others and doesn't want to hurt anyone, however, he is not the strongest. Deadpool doesn't seem like he is the strongest Avenger and yet he manages to gain respect and admiration for the opposite sex. The reason behind this is that they both got injured, this makes the audience wonder what happened to them because both of them had injuries that caused them to lose who they were. Just like Deadpool, he has a weakness of anger, and as soon as he finds people he loves he goes nuts. It's funny seeing them both react to their injuries as if it's their fault and nothing else like to blame them for what they are going through. All the other superheroes are used to dealing with their injuries and getting back to their best selves and the villains, deal with their injuries this time for their mistakes. All the villains except one in this film are also shown to go insane when they encounter problems with their bodies, which makes the viewer wonder how they cope with all the crap they are going through in life. Also, there's nothing to dislike about Dr. Strange and the Ancient One so long as you aren't a comic book reader, they might be one of my favorites. So if you are a fan of superheroes and want to see more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe then give it a watch. In the meantime follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our latest content and watch our new movie trailers. Let's make our day and the next generation a little brighter!

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